Ontraport or Infusionsoft – the big comparison

There are a lot of marketing automation tools there but two of the most popular are definitely Infusionsoft and Ontraport. This is a in-depth Ontraport vs Infuionsoft comparison article, so I will try to point out the main differences between both of them to make it easier for you to take a decision. Ontraport is still kind of a new kid on the block but is gaining popularity faster than most of the other tools and it also offers a lot more than other more established providers.

So why do you even need marketing automation tools?

Back in the day there were no marketing automation tools and people used separate tools to do what Ontraport and Infusionsoft are providing today. They had an Excel spreadsheet instead of a CRM, they sent email via their usual business email or they used some external email delivery tool and people didn’t even think about integrating different tools together and scaling everything up.

So how do this two tools compare to each other?

Bellow is a high level chart of some of the key features that both tools offer.

Feature Ontraport Infusionsoft
24/7 Support chat/ticketing yes
Customer Support quality mediocre mediocre
Visual Campaign builder no yes
2-way SMS service yes no
Split testing capabilities very good non existent
WP integration yes no
CRM kinda yes
Email sender good mediocre
Reports mediocre poor
Order forms good poor
Email editor good poor
Third party integrations poor good
Statistics / Analytics good poor

As you can see both tools are different even dough both Infusionsoft and Ontraport are marketing automation tools.

And this is good as people can use the tool that suits their business need best.

So what else is different?

None of them offers a free trial, however Ontraport offers 30 day money back guarantee. And I think this is a really important thing as I want to test the tool first before I oblige myse

lf to use it. Infusionsoft could do a little better here and be more user friendly.

The Other thing I don’t like about Infusionsoft is that you have to schedule a call with their sales representative before you can even buy the software. On top of that you also have to do their training which you have to pay for. Now I am not saying that the training is useless but if the company is already making money from the tool they are selling they should offer free basic training and if you need more than they could provide you with premium training which you have to pay for.

On the other side Infusionsoft support is slightly better and you will get a response faster in general. So there are some good points to be said about Infusionsoft as well.

As we can see there are no clear winners and everyone should decide for them selfs, but I have outlined some of the key points which should make the decision process a little bit easier.

If you have any more questions just leave a comment bellow and I will try to answer it as good as possible.

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