The importance of SEO for a successful business

The importance of SEO for a successful business is growing every year. I always tell my clients this comparison, imagine you have opened a brand new store in middle of a desert and compare it to if you would open that same store in a busy street in centre of London. Which store do you think would flourish more? How much more effort and time you would have to put into the store in middle of the desert just to make up for the location difference? Do you even think that the store in middle of the desert has a chance to thrive? I don’t think so.

But what is SEO?

SEO is everything that has to do with helping your website rank higher in Google and other search engines. It is how you build your website, what keywords you used in you pages and articles, what content structure your website has, how you promote your website, how many other businesses and websites are linking to you website, how many likes does your business Facebook page have. It is everything that could have an effect on your website SERP (Search engine results page).

But why is SEO so important for my business?

Being on the first page on google is the modern equivalent to having a store on a busy street in some big city. You don’t really need to think about advertising your self, and if you do than you will have all the business you can think of. But the thing with being on the first page of google is that people are actually looking for your services it is not just random traffic, it is targeted traffic that you get for free, and it keeps coming and coming every single day as long you are on the first page of Google. Imagine you are a shoemaker and your city has a special street where all the best shoemakers have their business located, would it make sense that you as a shoemaker would have your business located there? I think you would do everything to get there. And this is exactly the same as being on a first page on Google for a specific term, in eyes of Google and most people the websites on the first page is a list of top businesses providing the service people are looking for.

The best thing about SEO is that it will increase your sales and business without proportionately increasing your marketing costs. SEO can grow your profits exponentially and over time, it’s a long term investment in to your business. SEO can improve all your business goals at a far better ROI than most other similar forms of online marketing because of this fundamental effect of higher conversions and higher sales at small incremental costs. Imagine that you are doing a PPC marketing campaign, you have to pay a fixed price for every click that you get, even if the person will never buy anything or even if it is your competition that is just checking out you latest offer so they can respond to your marketing efforts.

But SEO is not just something you learn over night so most people do not have the required knowledge to perform SEO efficiently. And SEO is also constantly evolving and changing so you also need to constantly keep up with the latest changes. Most business owners don’t have time for this as they have to take care of their own business and it should be like that. If your care breaks down, do you try to fix it yourself or do you get some car mechanic to fix it for you? If you are not a mechanic yourself than there is a high chance you will make things even worse or at best just waste a big amount of time that you could focus on doing something else. And it is the same with SEO if you do not know how to it it is best to hire a professional that know exactly what he is doing and is on top of how to dominate SEO.

SEO is not just a SEO friendly CMS

Don’t be fooled if the company that built your website told you your website is SEO friendly, sure that is the fundament of everything but there is a big difference from having a fundament and having a standing and finished house you can actually live in. So please don’t ask your website design company to do SEO for you as they most time do not have the required knowledge to do it. Their profession is building websites and if they cannot provide with solid cases where they actually ranked sites for their clients than there is a high probability that they don’t have the skills required to perform the job for your business.

Be careful before you give your money to someone doing SEO for you, they should have solid proof that they can deliver what they promised.

How about having an easy weight loss diet for a change?

Many nutritionists get asked many times about the best diet to follow. And the answer is no diet at all! I clearly see that this answer will came as a surprise considering all the hype about diets and the general thinking that diets must have low calories rule implemented into them.
But many times usual diets simply do not work! People often force themselves into losing weight but the end result may easily be just overeating after a period of successfully abiding by the rules. Thats where The Diet Solution Program comes into the game!

But believe it or not losing weight can be easy even though it doesnt look that way.
What if there is a way of eating tasty, mouth watering food without being hungry and at the same time delivering nutrients needed by your body to develop and grow into a healthier and slimmer figure? And to tell the truth, with all the delicious, ready-made foods and the jungle of information available is it possible to enjoy eating and abide by the rules of some diet?

Well, it seems like it is when you know what to do and how! What if that diet will be easy to follow through, will have tasty and nicely looking food for a change and will have rules that are easy to follow day by day. Even though it may be easy, there are some guidelines because if not, there would be no solution to follow isnt it? So here they are:

The first rule is really one you will love, and it is eat what you enjoy!
You may be thinking how about cookies, fast food and many other things I like? I may not lose weight eating these am I?
Absolutely, but on the other side I want to tell you not to starve yourself on the things you hate to see, let alone eat them. What if I tell you that you can even eat hamburgers or pizzas and many other yummy and tasty dishes.
Now the point is that you dont have to eat like ant but you may choose from the long list of healthy, but at the same time pleasant foods to eat. Now all you need is to combine and create your meals and you will find out how.

Second rule is do not go overboard!
Nobody can do it overnight thats for sure. This change needs to be slow and smooth in a way that you eliminate unhealthy foods from your nutrition and implement healthy, but slowly over a time frame. This rule can change everything if done wisely, so do not force yourself into lightning fast transition, start easily with small steps. You may choose something that will not be so hard for you and at the same time something that will be easy to persist. Choose a bad habit you will replace with a good and healthy one each week and go through with it.

And the third is never go hungry!
So many times people force themselves into hunger very far nearing starvation! But you need not to do this. You should eat but chosen foods or better say a chosen combination of some ingredients in order to give your body a chance to burn the excess fat and calories in your body!
Then it becomes obvious that it is not just the amount of food we eat but the combinations of ingredients we eat that make us fat or slim and knowing what ingredients and how is the important key in our target to create slimmer body. And between meals if you do feel hunger there are fruits and other healthy food to keep your hunger down.

And I must say that it is best when our food is our medicine sort of speaking. Your rules should not be hard on you and because of that your steps should be smaller but stronger and bigger over time. So an answer for your problem may be The Diet Solution Program! Check it out, they have wealth of information on their website so all your weight loss may be over right now!